Beauty For Busy Girls

We all want to look great in less time, so we’ve singled out some of the best get-gorgeous quick fixes so that you don’t have to – including tooth whitening in London of course!

Lash Out
Bin the mascara! Get your lashes permed and tinted instead and avoid having to faff around with mascara for two to four months. Alternatively, blow the budget on lash extensions for a full-on flirty flutter. You’ll be getting all the eye-ttention in no time!

Feeling Flush
If you’re looking a little lacklustre, give your skin a just-got-back-from-the-gym glow using a light pink blush. A natural-looking flush will brighten your entire face.

Absolutely Flawless
Look flawless in seconds. Slap on some tinted moisturiser instead of painstakingly troweling on all that foundation and powder.

Smile Patrol
The easiest way to look younger and effortlessly beautiful is to make those pearly whites bright, so have teeth whitening in London.

Bag Watch
Banish dark circles and perk up your peepers using concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than your foundation.

Spritz and Save
If you don’t have time for a full blow dry, perfect your messy-on-purpose hair. Dry your roots then spritz the ends of your hair with sea salt spray while they’re still damp. Pull your hair up into a few scrunched-up piles on your head and secure with large claw clips. Once dry, let it tumble down and finish with your favorite styling spray. You’ll look like you came from the beach rather than the sweaty Underground.

Nail It!
Nail the London polish with a Shellac mani and pedi for 14 days of untarnished talons.

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