Ashamed of Your Smile? Have Teeth Whitening in London

If you’re looking for love this summer, three quarters of Brits think your smile is a deal breaker. Think your dazzling conversation or come-hither eyes will land a looker? Well it might, but 58 per cent of us love a genuine smile.

If that doesn’t convince you to look after your grin, think about the cha-ching. Brits with beautiful smiles bag the job (27%), project success (32%) and wealth (23%). A smile gives you confidence and losing your office mojo can harm your career. 90% of Brits love colleagues who can crack a joke and flash a cheeky smile, so doing a Posh, will get you nowhere. Have teeth whitening in London if your smile’s letting you down.

Yet apparently, almost half of us think we smile for less than an hour a day (that’ll be the weather!). What makes us smile? A nice compliment or someone smiling at us usually does the trick, according to the vast majority of respondents. In the words of post rock band Sonna, “Smile and the world smiles with you!”

Invisalign’s research was conducted to celebrate Smile Month 2013.

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