Advantages of Having Expert Teeth Whitening in London

There are lots of different options for teeth whitening in London, but some are definitely better than others.  If you’d like a celebrity style smile but don’t have a celebrity sized bank balance, then Dr Wyman Chan is definitely the dentist to see. Dr. Chan’s dental surgery offers state-of-the-art teeth whitening technology at an affordable price. He has safely and effectively treated many well-known personalities whose smiles can be seen every day in the media. One of the advantages of seeing Dr. Chan is that he uses products that he has researched and developed. His teeth whitening system is widely used by dental professionals throughout the world, and with good reason. It is designed to be extremely safe and user-friendly, and is ideal for anyone who suffers from tooth sensitivity.

Safely Whitening Teeth

One of the reasons teeth whitening in London is so effective when performed by Dr. Chan is that he uses a purer form of peroxide that reacts faster than other bleaching gels. This means teeth can be whitened more quickly while still ensuring the procedure is safe. If you choose to have teeth whitening actually performed in his dental surgery then you’ll experience firsthand the use of his iPower Thermal Diffuser. Whereas other dentists use a blue light to encourage the hydrogen peroxide to react more quickly, Dr. Chan thermal energy that is very carefully controlled. This helps prevent tooth sensitivity during the bleaching treatment and reduces any sensitivity afterwards.

Teeth Whitening Methods for Home Use

There are also a couple of other methods of tooth whitening in London to choose from, as not everyone wants to have their teeth whitened in a dental surgery. Bleaching teeth slowly gives patients greater control over the exact shade achieved, so another highly popular method is to use the Perfect Trays system. This is where custom-made bleaching trays are made for each patient for use at home, and is another system that Dr. Chan has perfected and patented. They are designed to almost eliminate tooth sensitivity as the bleaching gel is kept inside the trays by use of precision barriers. This ensures the gel stays exactly where it needs to be, which is on the surface of the teeth. These barriers stop the gel from reaching the sensitive gum tissue where it may cause irritation, and also prevent saliva from mixing with the gel as this could dilute the effects. The trays are generally worn for up to two hours every day. Patients who choose to have their teeth whitened chair side also receive these trays to take home.

Some people find wearing trays for little too claustrophobic, so Dr. Chan does offer a third method of tooth whitening in London. This is the Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile tooth whitening kit for use at home. It includes bleaching gel and a low-grade heating device, all of which is easy to use. The advantage of this system is its ease of use and the speed at which it whitens the teeth. The system only needs to be used for 40 minutes each day for approximately 2 weeks.

Anybody choosing to have their teeth whitened will first receive a full check-up from Dr Wyman Chan to ensure their teeth and gums are healthy as bleaching gel should never be used when someone has any dental problems.