8 Beauty Crimes You Should Avoid

From teeth whitening in London to OPI varnish, the High Street is positively brimming with little miracles to solve your most bothersome beauty blunders, so there’s no excuse for slipping into slob-dom. Read our top eight crimes against comeliness or commit them at your peril.

Build A Strong Foundation

There is no excuse for that orange murky tidemark around your jaw line. You wear foundation to create the illusion that your skin is naturally flawless, so make sure you blend your foundation right down to your décolletage or risk looking like you’re wearing a ghastly mask.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Long flowing locks are sexy as hell, but avoid the hairdresser for too long and you risk going from chic to comical. Snip snip, Rapunzel.

Makeup On The Move

There’s nothing polished about sharing your routine with your fellow Tube passengers. Please, apply your makeup before you leave for work in the morning.

You’ve Been Tangoed!

Your bronzer should make you look like you’ve just got back from the gym. Think healthy faux glow rather than tangoed no-no.

Lighten Up!

Nothing says Northern line like yellow teeth, so if your smile has seen too many cappuccinos, turn back the clock with teeth whitening in London.

Make A Bee Line

If you are not naturally blessed with Angelina Jolie’s perfect bees-stung pout, then by all means, line ‘em up, just do so with a shade that matches your lippy or risk looking like one hot mess straight out of TOWIE.

Nail It!

Happily sport chipped varnish on your talons? You’re on a one-way ticket to beauty slob-dom. Worse, it’s one of the first things interviewers notice as they shake your hand. If you can’t be bothered to endure a full manicure, just grab a nail varnish remover wipe. Simples!

Scouse Brows

This monstrous movement gripping C-lebrity land is scaring us! Ladies, calm down the kohl! Think Kate Middleton not Lauren Goodger when you whip out the stencils please.

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