Teeth whitening in London treatments are very safe if carried out correctly using the right products and techniques. There are two main types of tooth whitening in London treatments: home whitening with customised bleaching trays and chairside tooth whitening in London carried out by the dentist.

The pH of the teeth whitening in London products used is important for safeguarding the health of the tooth. With each application, acidic products would erode the enamel and the dentine of the teeth. At Smile Studio London, only non-acidic whitening gels are used and they are safe on the enamel and dentine.

The design of the bleaching trays used in home whitening kits is also crucial to preventing sensitivity to the gums and the nerve tissues of the teeth. Inadvertent leakage of the tooth whitening in London gel onto the gums can cause irritation and in some cases, ulceration. It can also cause sensitivity if it comes into contact with the exposed dentine of the tooth.

Dr. Wyman Chan's patented Perfect Trays feature special barriers near the gingival margins that lock the gel inside the trays, preventing it from escaping onto the gums and causing irritation or onto the exposed dentine, causing discomfort.

During Dr. Wyman Chan's extensive research and in treating over 10,000 patients, he has determined that it is crucially important to accurately assess the texture and structure of a patient's teeth in order to provide a bespoke, pain-free power teeth whitening in London treatment.