For £500, you get 20 power whitening treatments from the comfort of your own home.

This Harpers Bazaar award winning treatment turbo boosts your smile by 8 shades* in 10 days. It begins with a full dental examination with one of Dr. Wyman Chan's dentists who will show you how to use this safe and painless home power whitening kit. You'll be in and out of the clinic within half an hour and results will last for up to a year.


The most technologically advanced home whitening system on the market, it comes with the world's first heat-based whitening device, which drives the gel inside the structure of the tooth at lightening speed, wiping out stain molecules on the way. Get2Smile gel contains a special, patented activator that is scientifically proven to boost stain-removing power by three-fold and neutralise the acid, making it alkaline and therefore safe and zero sensitivity. If you dislike having impressions taken, then opt for the tray-less Get2Smile system.

The Get2Smile kit is easy to use. It's as simple as fitting the mouth retractor, squirting some gel into a mixing bowl, painting it on to the enamel, clicking the bleaching device on to the plastic mouth guard and switching it on. When the treatment is finished, the device automatically switches off.

When you have completed your treatment, you are invited back to our clinic to assess the results.

*For baseline shade A3 and darker. B1 is the whitest scale in the Vitapan Classical shade guide used by most dentists.