This new, technologically advanced treatment refreshes your smile by 8 shades* in 2 weeks and results last for up to 2 years. It begins with a full dental examination with one of Dr. Wyman Chan's dentists who will take impressions of your teeth. Your Perfect Trays will then be ready in one hour when you will be shown how to use this fool proof home whitening system.

Designed by Dr. Wyman Chan, zero sensitivity, patented Perfect Trays are comfortable to wear and feature special seals that lock in the gel, preventing it from escaping onto the sensitive areas of your teeth and gums and holding it where it should be, promoting better and faster results.

When you have completed your treatment, you are invited back to our clinic to assess the results.

*For baseline shade A3 and darker. B1 is the whitest scale in the Vitapan Classical shade guide used by most dentists.