Go from dull to dazzling in no time, thanks to this award-winning treatment, which consists of two hours of power whitening and two weeks of home whitening, using our zero sensitivity, patented Perfect Trays. Your teeth will be transformed by eight shades* and results will last for up to two years.

The dental team behind the gorgeous grins of celebrities including Frankie Bridge and Caroline Flack will thoroughly assess your teeth using a Crystaleye Spectrophotometer (the only one in the UK). This state-of-the-art equipment takes digital photographs of your teeth, showing the distribution and intensity of the stains residing inside the structure of each tooth, as well as the colour of the dentine. This information not only enables our team to correctly assess stains, but also the texture of your teeth in order to formulate an effective and pain-free treatment plan.

You then lie back and watch your favourite blockbuster through a pair of futuristic goggles. One of Dr. Wyman Chan's world-beating dentists will protect the sensitive part of your teeth and gums before painting on the gel and turning on the iPower, which uses heat to push the gel inside the enamel, wiping out stains along the way.

This painless, harmless treatment lasts for 90 minutes before you leave with the Perfect Trays home whitening kit - to use for one hour twice daily for two weeks.

Finally, you are invited back to our clinic to assess the results of your treatment.

*For baseline shade A3 and darker. B1 is the whitest scale in the Vitapan Classical shade guide used by most dentists.